Idaho health centers provide affordable, accessible, high-quality primary healthcare to Idahoans across the state.

    The mission of the Idaho Community Health Center Network is to support and strengthen Idaho health centers by collaborating with payers to improve the health status of patients and to offer health centers services as a network to health plans, employers, and the State of Idaho. 


    Develop strong, healthy populations by evolving from a fee-for-service volume based model to a patient-centered medical home model of care based on value and health outcomes through provider leadership and engagement. 


    • Served 170,361 patients (2016)
    • Provide healthcare to 1 in 10 Idahoans
    • Statewide reach of 72 clinic sites in 50 communities
    • Primary health services available on a sliding fee
    • Deliver primary medical, dental & behavioral health
    • Leaders in patient-centered medical home model


    Community Health Center Network of Idaho, (CHCNI) was created on May 14, 2012 and currently consists of 13 Federally Qualified Community Health Centers (FQHCs). 

    CHCNI was created to support and strengthen Idaho FQHCs by bringing health centers together as a single organization. FQHCs collaborate with payers to balance the payer mix, raise visibility and credibility, increase coordination between health centers, strengthen their reputation as a hallmark of quality and cost efficiency/effectiveness and improve the health status of patients.

    Historically, FQHCs have received federal and local funding to provide a broad array of health services to the uninsured and underinsured in their community.

    Value in Purchasing Program

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